Left Banshee building overnight, and woke up to some sort of handshake error.

git clone "git@gitorious.org:~dynalon/banshee-community-extensions/banshee-community-extensions-macosx.git" "banshee-community-extensions-master.git"
Cloning into banshee-community-extensions-master.git...
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I did a little Googling, but am still not real sure what happens next.

SSH with Keys HOWTO: SSH Keys with a passphrase:
5. SSH Keys with a passphrase

Well that that was not too bad was it? But isn't this a bit insecure, anyone who where to gain access to my console would be able to log in to remote systems using your keys. Or what if I lost my key, the finder would be able to access every system on which I installed my public key.

Here's some info on setting something simliar up for a project called Chaw.

Guess I'm off to the dev list.

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