Chapter�5.�Questions and Answers:
5.2. Why did I release it under GPL?

I'm using GPL programs for a very long time now and learned very much by having a look at many of the sources. Hence this is my "Thank You" to all programmers that also did so or will do the same.

Man, tell you what, kdiff3 is good.  I'd started using it at the end of my last job with git, and have been using it a few days now with TFS and Visual Studio.  I'm nearly hooked.

The only squabble I have is that I can't figure out how to manually make edits during a 3-way merge without hitting ctrl-v first.  But if I ctrl-v anything, even an empty string, I can start typing.

I think I followed these instructions to set kdiff3 up with TFS & Visual Studio.  I've got issues with the interface in three-way merge tools in general, but if you ignore that for now, kdiff3 is perfect.  And F/free too.

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