C# Error: Parent does not contain a constructor that takes 0 arguments - Stack Overflow:

Constructors are not inherited in C#, you have to chain them manually.

You'd think I'd've run into this issue this many years into using C#, but I hadn't.  Object inheritance simply isn't as straightforward a process (as opposed a concept, as, conceptually, it's exactly the same) [for me] in C# as it is in Java.  I don't know if that's because I learned Java first or if C# really is more convoluted.  I'd like to pretend I'm 90% sure it's the latter, but will hold off being disappointed until I consider it a bit longer. As I used to think (and mentioned wrt an Eric Lippert SO post a little while back) that VB.NET was just a convenience layer on top of C#, I also used to think C# was Microsoft's version of their legacy code spun into a great Java clone.

That belief is simply not the case, and I wonder why the differences that do exist do.  What's the advantage of "manually chaining" constructors?

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