No Henry, you need to get real about Yahoo. Here are the facts โ€” Tech News and Analysis:

And forget the products โ€” so far Yahoo has been unable to attract top quality talent to the company. Not one 20-something I have talked to in the past six months has wistfully talked about working for Yahoo. And even those who have joined Yahoo from Google are joining the company thanks to mega-million dollar contracts, not because they want to work there. When Yahoo becomes the desired job-spot for a fresh, new tech tinkerer โ€” that will be the time I will lighten up on Yahoo.

 I think the folks at my current company would benefit from having similar goals as Malik's for Yahoo.  Having not just lots of folks, but the right types of folks wanting to work with you is the best sort of flattery.

More posts based on links shared by Gruber.  Glad I went off the "articles only" feed to the busier one.

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