A Brief Review of the Nintendo 2DS:

The Nintendo 2DS reminds me of the iPhone 5c in a lot of ways. The press asked, “Why introduce a model that’s not top of the line?” Then they began to write and repeat a flawed narrative around the product, using words like “cheap” to describe solid, budget friendly devices. Because the product doesn’t fit their wishes or desires, they start to write off the product by coming up with unappealing factoids and comparing feature lists with other products that might have more stuff, but aren’t necessarily better. It’s dishonest and unhelpful to characterize products, like the 5c or the 2DS, as cheap. They are anything but.

When I saw the thing announced, this is exactly what I thought.  The hinge on the DS never made a lot of sense to me.  Being on that horrendously short list of people that has replaced a DS Phat shell because of a broken hinge, well, let me say good riddance.  And a mono speaker?  Isn't that getting back to the original Game Boy roots?  When you're holding it away from your face, does the "stereo" of two speakers inches apart really matter?  And wow, the stereo from the original was incredible through headphones.  That's always been the way to experience handheld games.

Anyhow, Fink's review is excellent.  The 2DS is a lower-priced, smart shortcut-taking piece of quality hardware.  I can't find the post now, but there was a great case made recently against the somehow groupthought idea that Nintendo is in trouble and needs to start making games for iOS.  Sure, right.  Nintendo needs to forsake millions of units selling at $40 a pop to cash in on that ripe $4-$7 a unit market that is iOS.  I'll be putting down $40 for A Link Between Worlds in a few weeks, and that's more than I've spent on iOS games, well, since ever.  And that's obviously not my only DS game.

Forget Samsung.  As Fink says, Apple's competition on the consumer tablet is still, ultimately, Nintendo.  They're one must-have innovation from awaking their sleeping giant.

Nintendo knows what it's doing.  Maybe the Wii U isn't panning out, but the Game Boy still is.  As the British say, the 2DS is a nice piece of kit.  As a DS phat owner and the in-law of a 3DS, I don't see them doing much wrong.

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