At first I thought perhaps I had a playlist that included a suspicious file.  I have a good deal of taper band shows in WAV format that I could understand Apple not wanting to promote, or having to include as part of the Match contract that they wouldn't support unknown .WAV or larger files.

But that's not it at all.  It's some Apple coders and/or their manager.

Really, Apple?  Playlists are just pointers.  All you have to do for mine is take files from my "picks" playlist (my favorite songs) and subtract those in my "not safe aloud" list (words that curse or deal with, well, themes I don't want blasting around kids or from my car window).

Perhaps there's some edge case -- there's always some edge case -- with multiple layers of smart playlists that's difficult to support, but to say that nested playlists aren't supported, full stop, well, as someone who just kludgily added INNER JOINS to a home-rolled dbms and knows it's not that big a deal, this iCloud limitation is sorry programming, Apple.  Support the 80% of us whose embedded lists aren't complicated, and only have the 20% that are edge case users to feel this pain: "This smart playlists contains complex rules that are not currently supported in the cloud."

Sheesh.  80/20 Apple, 80/20.

Update: I'm having more problems, now a playlist that's a subset of a playlist that's in iCloud, but for which I'm getting...

And it looks like I'm not alone experiencing seemingly avoidable errors like this.

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