Step 1: Inspect the inspector.  This horrendously tomato page talks about its importance, but only gives a top-level domain to figure out how to do it.

More success here -- Theming Chrome Dev Tools | Pixafy:

Once the Dev Tools are undocked, press Control Shift I (on Mac press Alt Command I), that new window that just popped up is the inspector for the first Dev Tools window!

Update 20140226: Apparently the Custom.css stuff is all gone. I've started using Chrome dev tools over Firebug more often, in large part b/c the RAM footprint of Chrome is lots smaller (today it was a 4x  difference), but when I have my browser window in portrait, the Chrome dev tools layout stinks.  Wanted to make the Sources source pane text smaller so that I could see more.  I can, if I do the Control-Shift-I trick, above, and hack the "embedded" CSS, but that's not a persistent change.

Looks like there's no wonderful, supported way to do that, so I'll keep Ctrl-minus-ing for now.

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