Delete your Buzz archive pdf from Google Plus:
Recently, I happened to see my Google Profile which had a section “Contributor To” and under which, was a link with “Buzz(current)”. When I clicked on the link, my browser downloaded a PDF which had all my buzz conversations! Oops, I did not expect that, even-though I was not a active Buzz contributor!

Good to know I'm not going crazy.  I went into my Google+ profile today to see why I can't get as my URL, since nobody else is actively using it, and caught that I'm a contributor to this blog and... Google Buzz?

I occasionally slap stuff on Google+, mostly because I don't want to spam Facebook (why I worry, I don't know.  Everyone else spams away...), and I guess I started back when Buzz was still around.  There are a few quick posts on there, one that gave me a quick chuckle.

But what a weird way to kill/continue the service.  Seems it'd be cheaper (b/c smaller) to save a static html copy of your Buzz page, and even smarter just to email you a copy.  But I guess the pdf is more preservation-oriented, so no update headaches for Google later.  Strange that it seems to be public.  I mean, I get it.  Buzz was, so this is.  Wonder why the posts weren't just moved to Google+?

In any event, we all know we'd never want to lose those posts from those 22 sweet months of digital bliss (I kid, Hasselhoff, I kid).

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