Found what looks like a decent intro to the TFS API, but was having a difficult time determining what URI I was supposed to use to access my server.  Looks like there could be a number of values (that's specifically with TFS in the cloud, but some of it seems to carry over).

Turns out the easy way is to open up the command line and fire off a tf command.

tf workspaces -format:brief

Collection: http://ourServer:8080/tfs/primarycollection
Workspace        Owner  Computer    Comment
---------------- ------ ----------- -----------------

Grab the value from "Collection", paste into the tutorial code from above, and you're golden.

Trello (still free) seems like a really well-made Kanban board, and it's got what its docs seem to suggest is a pretty good API. We currently use TFS to handle most of our user story marshaling, but we could do a better job with "non-ready ready" story management. I'm hopefully I can write something quick and dirty to see where we are in TFS and keep a Trello board in sync to visualize which backlog items need design, dev research, grooming, etc, so that we know what needs to be addressed to keep the backlog healthy and ready to deliver work to teams.

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