Mac envy: How to use an Apple keyboard with Windows:

After you’ve installed AutoHotKey, download this script and run it (either by double-clicking or right-click -> “Run Script”). This will load a set of pre-defined rules that will make your Apple keyboard operate like a Windows one — but way sexier.

Here’s the rules I’m using:

; Swap Windows (Command) and Alt keys
; These button locations are reversed on Mac keyboards
; Map F13 to Print screen
; Mac keyboards don't have a print-screen button!

I'd been using SharpKeys to map Insert and ScrollLock to pause/play and mute, respectively, but I'm back to trying an Apple keyboard on my work laptop -- the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard, which actually is very well made, just poorly designed for me, caused my index fingers to reach too much and hurt --  and the rigamarole of opening SharpKeys, writing to the registry, and logging out & back in to use the laptop's "integrated" keyboard was too much of a pain.  AutoHotKey seems to fix that.

Edit: And now I'm reminded why. AutoHotKeys doesn't work when certain applications are active, like, um, Visual Studio, where I live about half my coding day. Volumouse doesn't work in the same apps, so I'm guessing whatever trick it is that allows these things to listen in and co-opt actions is shut off in a few places. SharpKeys still works there.

Why does Apple have to make such a nice keyboard, but make it Windows unfriendly? I know, I know, they're not in the Windows hardware business [outside running Windows with Boot Camp].

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