As I look through my "recommended" books from Nook and Kobo, and look at suggested books on the iTunes Store, I can't help but wonder if I'm experiencing some setback by virtue of having read too much, too soon. If any of these stores knew how quickly I read through Asimov and Herbert, maybe they could use some fancy algorithm to find someone close to as good.

 It shouldn't be difficult to ask me what I enjoy, but nobody really has, yet. So I'm stuck, sort of like I am on Netflix, with a sorry algorithm trying to pinpoint what I really like based on a woefully inadequate sample.

 That said, I'm really enjoying Rowling's Silkworm so far. I'll never read all the books I want to, but, as I perhaps should not have told my favorite undergraduate literature professor, it's sometimes fun to sneak a quick, fun read in between Melvilles.

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