An App Store Experiment:

It was time to go free. Late one night (I am in Australia), while the US was waking up I set it to free and went to bed. Wow did things get interesting!

I think the chart says it all.

I was floored. 216,718 downloads in 3 days, an average of 72,000 per day, up from an average of 28 per day at paid, or over 2500x.

This, my friends, is why we can't have nice things, particularly apps.  At least not apps polished before release, but then pushing out mvp and waiting for your customers[' actions] to guide you if apparently the smartest way to create apps, right?

Insanely interesting story so far.  I'm part way through part 1.  I'm hoping there some data from an IAP  experiment coming soon.  It's interesting to see how users "want", subconsciously or no, to discover value.

EDIT:  Sure enough, IAP is part of part 2.

How does In App Purchase (IAP) stack up against a paid download? For this app it's been an increase of over 3x from around $22 per day to around $65 per day. The IAP converts at approximate 2-3% of the downloads per day.

I'll also take this time to catch myself off-guard with my ability to announce that this is an unbelievable 2500th post I've made to this blog (though I'm assuming a good number are orphaned drafts).  Wow.  You know what they say -- if you write good stuff, you'll eventually be discovered.  I think I'll take this as a clear sign that my stuff is no good.  ;^)  Maybe if I make the blog freemium...

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