I've been editing a fair bit of Powershell code recently, overly largely in gVIm, then alt-tabbing into a Powershell console (where I type "./scriptToRun.ps1") or to PowerGUI (where I hit [space] for "Ok, reload", and then F5 to run). That's been okay, but I've slowly added Sublime Text 2 back to my workflow, and it seems extensible enough that I could quit the alt-tab, type jive workflow, above.

This is the best quick solution I've found so far, with the caveat that I can't load it up with parameters yet.


To use the new build script, click Tools | Build Systems | PowerShell, which activates the new PowerShell build system. Then press Ctrl+B to execute the build.ps1 script.

That'll execute whatever ps1 is active in the editor at the moment through Ctrl-B, with results spit into Sublime's bottom output window. Not an interactive prompt, but not too shabby for the small investment. Kinda cheating (I'm obviously not building anything), but works.

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