From GitHub Enterprise Pricing:

Estimate your plan:

Pricing for GitHub Enterprise starts at $5,000 per 20-user seat pack per year, which includes maintenance, upgrades, and technical support at no extra cost. The calculator below can help you estimate your annual costs for a license.

I'm not sure I understand the appeal of "GitHub Enterprise". Rather, I'm not sure that those who are considering some "enterprise" flavor of git get git.

I mean, the biggest selling point of git is that it's essentially solved the issue of distributed development. There's no reason to pay for phat, centralized management. If you have some strange cesspool of three developers who go off on their own for a year and then check all their stuff back in, git will handle it. You might have to diff conflicts forever and a day, but as wacky a checkin structure as you have is fine by git. If you have thousands of folks checking into the same branch beyond nightly integration, well, you're doing it wrong. Any worst case of forked development isn't a technical issue, it's simply a reintegration headache, regardless of the power of your repo "server".

I mean, you can put git repos everywhere. You don't need one repo to rule them all. It's like a starfish that loses an arm (and *poof*, you've got two Patricks). Everyone's up-to-date workstation has the potential to rebuild your codebase's history in its entirety. Why do you need "maintenance, upgrades, and technical support", at least on the code management side?

Has anyone ever really had unrecoverable trouble when they collaborated over a network drive? Has any team who checked in daily really ever lost significant amounts of code due to git's infrastructure? Gosh, I can't imagine so. If you've got it three or more places, you already have a "living RAID".

Obviously what they're selling is the active directory integration, bug tracking, and perhaps some code review overhead, but if you get your coders used to using git, I swear code management is self-regulating. Budget accordingly. ;^)

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