Just a quick blog-by to say I'm pretty disappointed with SourceForge's closed source installer, used by FileZilla, that at least tries to put adware, etc on your box. I hate these things, first because once you start putting adware (I'm looking at you, Oracle's Java installer) I can't tell how much trust I should lose. What else are you trying/actually installing? And second, in my case (see image), I couldn't run what was supposed to be an offline installer b/c it couldn't pick up SourceForge's ad-of-the-day feed.

ARGH.  I thought online disk space was getting cheaper. Is SourceForge really still growing so fast it needs not just misleading ads on its download pages, but trust-compromising installers as well?

Anyhow, at Jotti, two hits from the FileZilla server installer:

2014-12-10 PUA.Spyware.XPCSpyPro​
2014-12-10 Win32/InstallCore.TM potentially unwanted

Not sure how bad that is, but I'm looking for another installer at this point.

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