Had some trouble viewing executables (listed in a dark blue) in my PuTTY sessions after calling ye olde "list Alf" (ls -alF) because of the black background, and did some hunting. The first link, below, had one alternative, but it was the comment below that really hit the goldmine.

Site: http://arcanesanctum.net/2012/11/17/a-better-terminal-color-theme-for-putty/
Comment: http://arcanesanctum.net/2012/11/17/a-better-terminal-color-theme-for-putty/#comment-42807

The site linked from the comment was in Russian, but colors know no language (or something linke that). And Google translated what was there, which wasn't too earth-shattering.

Anyhow, those are some nice themes:

I ended up going with Desert, at least for now, as it's something completely different. Actually, the background is just a lightened up black (from pitch in the default to a very dark grey) and the standard text is still white (perhaps even brighter than stock), but executables are now bright green, and extremely easy to read. ;^)


Edit 20161107: And just in case that site goes down, here are the values:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


You put all of that information into a .reg file, double-click, accept the warning, and you have a Session type in PuTTY for "Desert".

putty desert session listed

So note that you'll have to push over any info you want there. That is, this is a new session with only the colors set. Everything else is blank/new.

Or, if you want to be brave and change an existing session, you change the last value in the first line. That is, from ...Desert to...


Now your defaults are Desert. That's a little more adventurous, but I just tried it, and my Default Settings have that beautiful theme's values now. Thank heavens.


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