Somebody replied to ​a comment I made back in 2012, and I came back for a look. Forty-three upticks! Who knew? Probably my most up-something-ed contribution to StackOverflow, and, since they weren't upvotes that fire off a notification, I had no idea.

Quick rant: I do hate when people copy answers and comments exactly, however -- see the guy from this year saying essentially the same thing I did in his comment tacked onto the question itself. I mean, it's not a lost rep thing in this case, so I can't really complain, but when that happens with answers (not just my own), it drives me crazy. I think my flags are both for folks that are rep farming by copying [much] earlier answers.

Anyhow, glad to know I've helped 43+ people squish their git commits. That's kinda neat. ;^)

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