I hate hitting page down and getting breaks in the middle of the view, you know, like what's pictured, above

It's a common trope in pdf viewers to offer two sorts of page viewing. One is to show the pages "continuously", even though your doc is still displayed as independent pages. I've never really understood this. It's the worst of two worlds. You have pages you can't really flip, and they're presented in a scrolled format with giant, distracting breaks between them. Either scroll as a scroll (iOS iBooks has this as an option, which I like -- on those rare occasions that I'm reading via iBooks) or show discrete pages, you know? No, "online" viewing mode doesn't count. What the heck kind of formatting is that? I'm writing a document, not a web page, man! ;^) Even worse is when you view a "continuous" style document, hit page down, and find yourself with a shifting blank spot between your pages which keeps moving as you keep paging down, sort of like when your vertical hold was broken on your TV years back.

I like, obviously enough, "Single Page" viewing in pdf readers. But how do I get that in Word?

Googling for a "single page" setting in Word would be a mistake, I've found. What you're really looking to do, in Word's parlance, is zoom to the whole page. If you have a little less or more than a whole page on your screen, it'll start getting creative when you hit page up and page down, which stinks. But if you zoom to exact page size, it'll behave as if you were viewing as a single page in your favorite pdf viewer, even if you resize the window.

On most Words I've used, from the 90s on up, you can get to this setting by hitting `Alt-V` then `Z`, the selecting "Whole page".

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