From StatCounter as recounted by Gruber:

Interesting results from Yahoo’s deal to serve as the default web search for Firefox:

StatCounter has also run a special report on US search engine usage by Firefox users only. Yahoo-on-Firefox usage in the US increased from 9.9% in November 2014 to 28.3% in January. Over the same period Google-on-Firefox usage in the US fell from 81.9% to 63.9%.

There's no way that lasts. I wonder what percentage is permanent.

Firefox hijacked my search bar at some point in the recent past, and after trying a single search, I was setting Google as the default search engine, peeved at the audacity of the sinking Mozilla ship to change my setting without asking. Maybe on that box I'd never swapped from Google as my default, but I certainly have played around with Bing on other Firefox installs and quickly gone back to Google.

Other folks will probably go more than a single search before getting upset enough to learn how to swap their engine, but eventually they'll notice Yahoo ain't as good as what they had before, and ask their tech-savvy friends to swap them back.

I hope. Man, can you believe it if 19% of Firefox users, already probably a slightly above-the-mean group of techies, just don't care, and figure the default search engine is always good enough?

More telling is probably, if Firefox hijacked everyone like they did me, that over 70% of Firefox users immediately swapped back to Google.

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