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Note to self on your recent MVC recommendations: Don't forget caching/data persistence. I think caching's the only thing the conventional library-crazy MVC overhead[1] gets you "for free" that's worth saving, but it is worth saving. Our cache was used an absolute ton in the big-ish system I hacked on in the previous job.
Need to look at something like these... (is missing locking on write/null cache) (has locking)
(hello, old and uncomplicated. Note that almost all of these have magic strings of some sort, which is Wrong.) (man, that's tuned towards large, complex, multi-associative (ha) entities)
... but within the context of this...
Guessing this probably ultimately wins:
Also interesting...
... though with the second I was left wondering something similar to what this guy was...
[1] That is, the benefits of a "typical MVC stack" like I was using previously: SQL Server to NHibernate with MemCache, Repository model to access NHibernate, QueryOver, and your typical MVC/MVVM setup on the other side. I want to kill off NHibernate, QueryOver, and use of the Repository model. The only baby in the bath is caching. Though, wow, caching is easier when you have a 1-to-1 and onto relationship between Views and queries. I'm not saying that makes things smarter, but it does reduce the caching complexity.

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