I've heard of "slamming" in the context of a company changing a phone customer's long distance company without their explicit consent. The switch from Google to Yahoo as the default search engine for Firefox seems to have happened in a similar way. Figured I'd post this screenshot (I may have already; sorry) before I forget I've taken it. I believe I have another from home that shows Yahoo in the search box as the new provider. or at least different behavior when you're not using Yahoo. I don't recall.

As I've mentioned before, there's no way Yahoo's gains in Firefox search sticks. It took me one search to get disgusted and swap back. I imagine others will have the same reaction with a little less immediacy. No offense, Yahoo, but Google has search down cold, as long as Superfish hasn't infected your box[1]. Better results, huh? By what metric is that measured? I don't even dislike Yahoo. I just don't think it's cool to slam users who are happy with whatever search provider they selected already.

I will back down just a touch (as I may have mentioned before) if this only happens if you never swapped search providers. My iMac at home and my work box are pretty new, and I don't recall if my MacBook or Lenovo acted slammed or not (I've flirted with Bing on both a few times over the years). But if Firefox swapped *everyone* to Yahoo, not just those who'd been using Google because it was the default, well, that's unavoidably a slam.

Anyhow, now with image. Yay.

[1] RLY Lenovo? I'm still getting over that idiotic move.

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