Man, I'd convinced myself to buy a new screen ($60) for my late 2009 MacBook to replace the screen that died last month. Other than the screen, it's been working surprisingly well, even coding with Xamarin Studio, now that I've installed an inexpensive 64 gig SSD. Kinda needs a new battery, but overall it's doing great.

But this new retina MacBook Air looks fantastic. Super small, retina screen, and no fan -- especially when my T430 has been driving me crazy with its fan for a while now. If the new Air's price is anything approaching sensible, I'm going to be hard pressed not to preorder the new MacBook immediately. Because there are only three sensible times to buy Macs to get the most out of your money: When a new model's released (and if you don't preorder immediately, you end up waiting weeks extra until yours shows up), when a new model first hits refurb, and when the old version that's been replaced hits refurb/clearance.

I bought a new iMac last year (refurb, natch) instead of a MacBook Retina in the hopes that I could code in the home office, bag a great monitor, and hold off on the laptop for a while. Now they're going to sucker me into buying two boxes in 15 months. I hate their marketing genius. ;^)

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