So far, I hate the new Photos for OS X. Three beach balls on startup (looks like every reviewer used an SSD), and it immediately imported iPhoto without asking. Thanks.

I deleted both photo libraries and started over. Eventually I created a new, blank (or so I hoped) library so I could drag in my photo folders manually. And I've chosen not to import photos. I already have them in folders. I don't need them twice.

Then, suddenly, I start getting about eight random pictures. What the heck? Where are these coming from? I didn't want them in there. I hide them, since I apparently can't delete them.

Then I choose to import a folder. It doesn't, afaict, recurse directories. Wth?

Now I've got more randomly found photos. What the freakin' heck is Photos doing? Who's running this ride? These are not the photos I tried to import just a second ago.

Okay, so I start over again. I delete the photo library. I put the new photo library that I create on next startup into its own folder. Now there's nothing. Let's see if I can drag lots of year folders over. I can, but Photos doesn't tell me anything. No, "I see your folders, and I'm importing now." Nothing. It sits there. It's still sitting there. It either grabs random photos I don't want, or it sits. Nice.

So I try again. ONLY NOW does it act like it knows I tried to import something a few minutes ago.

Beauteous. Just beauteous.

I read the iMore review that makes things sound pretty rosy. Ain't true for the "start from scratch" use case. Not yet.

This stinks. STINKS. I guess Picasa, which does actually do what I tell it, still wins.

EDIT: Oh, wait. I guess I was supposed to see this horribly informative "alert" to know importing was underway:

I call it, "The Universally Recognized Circle o' Importing".

And now my late 2014 iMac goes from super responsive to crawling, thanks to the spinning platters. I hate the way OS X is tuned only for SSDs at this point. Its performance really depends on them. I installed an SSD on a Late 2009 MacBook -- the unibody white one -- and it does great now. But my quad-core iMac? Crawling in molasses. Looks like Photo is creating all those thumbnails, which is going wonderfully.

Then this happened.
Great job, Photos. Guess I'll go finish my Node testing on my Lenovo.

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