I'm in a spot where Thunderbird is probably the best way I can access Exchange, and I'm fairly happily using ExQuilla. My only complaint is the inability to send encrypted emails, but that's not a huge deal, since those aren't all that common.

But I'm also using the active Ericsson branch of Lightning as an extension to get my calendar, and things aren't nearly so consistent. Just this morning, the calendar tab told me it had 43 queued jobs. That's not great. (I'm not quite resisting the urge to say that I have 43 queued jobs, but... ain't one.) I also couldn't send mail while I was waiting, as "Write" was greyed out. I eventually quit. And yesterday, I had to hard-quit Thunderbird from the Task Manager when it wouldn't close all the way -- the windows were gone, but the process was still running. That's happened a handful of times after a Dismiss button issue (see below).

I ascribe most of this weirdness to Lightning, which might not be fair, but there was a check in just a few hours ago, and the fact that the Dismiss button doesn't work reliably really bugs me. I don't care if you haven't successfully updated the server yet. How about keep that reminder window closed for the running app. It should be easy to take the Dismiss request and keep your inability to update Exchange silent, or displayed in a less intrusive way. Is it really that difficult to keep a list of ids for events you should now ignore?

Btw, to the folks who clip their nails at work (I'm looking at you too, RMS) like the two dudes who do it in the current office, please heavens stop. I'm irrationally fearful of one of them dropping into my coffee. I mean, unless you're just passive-but-very-aggressively poking at someone, at least take it to the bathroom, right?

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