Update: I think it's partially a PEBKAC, partially a horrible UI issue. Win 10 is under optional updates, and you can simply turn it off. Let's see if this works...

So I noticed that security updates were piling up in Windows Update, and tried to see what was going on. Looks like Windows Update is forcing me to install Windows 10, and won't let me get my security updates until those two gigs are downloaded. And I'm not sure that it's going to let me do it then, either, as my latest update history says that it tried to install Win10 and failed.

Here are the updates I want:

Notice NONE of those related to Windows 10. I select them all and get this screen:

If I cancel that download, I get this:

I'm unable to install the Windows 8.1 security updates because of Windows 10. That's not cool. I'm downloading the whole thing now, and if it tries to install Windows 10 when it's done, well, I'm not going to be horribly happy.

Edit: Doesn't look good. I stopped it, but I'm security updateless again.

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