Quote is from "Wish List: Multiple credit cards in iTunes" on Six Colors

My gut tells me that this is Apple’s “simplicity” ethos at work here: you never have to think about which credit card you’re using, which streamlines the checkout process of buying apps. But for those of us who do need to bounce back and forth between multiple cards, it would certainly be a boon.

The shortcoming isn't simplicity, unless you mean it's the type of simplicity that keeps their server-side code simple. There are elegant ways to keep the ability to add a second card invisible until it's needed rather than "simply" saying, "Heck, no." In a mature app, your technical challenges should not be visible in your app's UI. This is not a simple UI. It's a limited system.

Reread my post on the inability to change Google account passwords via OAuth in OS X. I really think we're getting to the point of a lack of institutional imagination for day-to-day, second-tier applications. There are too many minimally viable products that languish at Apple for it to be the largest/richest company in the world. iTunes is not a small business. There's no reason for its designers, product managers, and coders to produce systems that look like they are.

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