I give up. I'm trying to sync playlists without iTunes Match on, and it's not going well. I think I'm just going to have to copy the entire iTunes library from one computer to another.

Here's an example of serious fail.

Hard to read, I know. Here's what's important -- I'm looking at exact duplicates ordered by "Album by Artist Year", and all those White Zombie songs at the bottom aren't duplicates.

Guess what they all are, however? Protected AACs, purchased while Apple still had DRM. I know, I know, I should have matched copies somewhere from using Apple Match for a while, but I don't have those files handy.

(Just for fun, also notice Rich Robinson's "Enemy", which also isn't a dupe, or at least isn't shown with its dupe, which it's supposed to. I give.)

I'm sure I have more Protected AACs. I'm not sure if I just haven't imported them (I'm trying to keep a subset of my songs on my work box) or if they're not turning up as "duplicates".

Either way, it makes me wonder how effective iTunes/Apple/Whatever Match is with the cloud if they can't even get QA for the client down right. /sigh /LE FREAKIN' SIGH I really, really want to write a stripped down player, but knowing that week-long project would take months before I was done, I have to resist. ;^)

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