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From The NYT;

At the beginning of this year, we officially turned off Flash support for VHS, the New York Times video player.
For live support in HTML5, we investigated moving to MPEG-Dash by integrating with ShakaPlayer or Dash.js, but then HLS.js was released. HLS.js allowed us to use HLS in any browser that supports MediaSource Extensions. HLS.js integration with VHS was smooth and took less than a week. [emph mine, of course]

Wait, what? Was it April Fools day when they named this one?

I mean, it's obviously tongue in cheek, but why? This is nearly as bad as GNU's obsession with recursive acronyms. But I don't see (or want, honestly) the Times having the same flippant, sarcastic culture.

Oh well, at least Flash is dying. I guess that's progress.

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