Put simply, this is why you would rather use Linode than Heroku:

Syslog drains allow you to forward your Heroku logs to an external syslog server for long-term archiving.

Really? I have to support another service just to keep hold of my logs?? For realz?

I was thinking today during my walk that using Heroku is like a drinking game. You learn how to play a little and then BAM, any time you see a certain action performed in the future, DRINK -- or, in this case, PAY!!!

Do you know how you hold onto your logs on Linode? That's right, folks, you write them to a file. If you want to spin up MySQL? Do it, right there on the same server. It's your own box, man. Do whatever you want.

I know Heroku is thinking that you'll have seventeen dynos all running together and you'll want to conglomerate all those logs into a single file on some other service, but still... I don't want to have to have a second service to replace writing to and reading files.

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