Say what you will about the Apple nilhists, dude, at least it's an ethos.

Dubset will use a technology called MixBank to analyze a remix or DJ mix file, identify existing recordings within the file, pay the necessary rights holders, and distribute the mix through Apple Music and other streaming services. The process can take about 15 minutes for a 60-minute recording.


The rise in popularity of the EDM genre has resulted in an increasing number of user-generated remixes, mash-ups, and DJ mixes of popular songs, and this partnership will help bring those underground tracks to Apple Music and potentially "all 400 distributors worldwide" in the future, said White.

I find that I listen to more EDM and EBM than I would expect when I code (though I'm listening to Man In Black - Johnny Cash right now). This is actually a pretty major point in Apple Music's favor as I slowly make my way into the world of streaming, thanks to the gateway drug of Amazon Music & my Prime account.