John Gruber on Om Malik on ads in Instagram:

UPDATE: My best guess, and a few readers have made the same guess, is that I don’t see ads on Instagram because I don’t have a Facebook account.

Strikes me as an odd missed use case, unless it's more happy-path-only QA testing we've unfortunately come to expect from Apple too often lately.

I mean, honestly, picture viewing can be used are just like any other set of data points. If he's viewed pictures by anyone else who is Facebooked in, you've got a good starting place. If he's in his own Facebookless circle of schmoes, just drop in adverts for Coke or something similarly universal-ish.

Weird. Can you really inhabit a set for which Facebook has no targeted ads? Did they really not have any concept of untargeted ads to serve up for the null set? Hard to believe.

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