So here I am, happily streaming songs from Prime via Amazon Music, when I hear a song from Garbage I know (#1 Crush*). I know this isn't in my favorites playlist on iTunes. Why not?

I check, and sure enough, it's a B-side, and I haven't shelled out for the Garbage 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe edition. ;^) So let's see if I can just buy the single file to "add" to my plain wayne version of Garbage (the album).

Search a little, and...

#1 Crush Garbage -- nothing

Nothing. I tried a few other options, and still nothing. Lots of crush, not so much crush from Garbage. That's interesting.

Surely (Shirley?) they have the song, right?

why yes, yes they do have the song

Yes they do. And now I'm previewing it. (See it, down there at #18?)

This is as bad as the "Big Jennifer Null" problem I blogged about a while back. THIS IS NOT LITTLE BOBBY TABLES. It'd be bad enough if it was, as even "real" SQL injection should be caught by anyone worth their salt these days. But not being able to search for special characters? No, past that, not being to able to find a title that contains special characters? That's just sad. Unforgivably sad.

It's not difficult to search for a string that begins with "#", dang it. Grow up, Apple. I'm dying to fix this. Please let me fix this. As I said before about J-Null, this isn't Little Bobby Tables. This is stoooopid.

Insult to injury? When I started writing this, iTunes decided it'd take 23.7% of my CPU. I'd noticed Garbage had a new release, and was on that page, doing nothing. Not playing any music on a page without even a rotating photo carousel (thanks a lot, Draper) takes 23.7% of my CPU.

iTunes CPU fail

Fail, Apple. That's a huge fail.

* Ha, I can't even make an affiliate link to #1 Crush.

Pro tip: Do not search for "Hooper Mix" on the affiliate link tool for the iTunes Music Store. Borderline NSFW. Thanks again, Apple.

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