Ah, the power of MSPaint.exe. (Just realized there's a Ms. Paint pun in there somewhere. How many years have I been using this?)

I'm writing a Markdown editor. Its super-original name is MarkUpDown. (I'd originally thought I'd name it MarkUpMarkDown, but emailed John Gruber to see if that was kosher, since that really is too close to Markdown, and he objected to CommonMark's original name, "Standard Markdown". No response, though I could see how "Standard" seems presumptuous in a way I trust a bad pun like MarkUpDown is not.) I used Fiverr to get some icon artwork made, and it was pretty good. Just one problem that didn't occur to me until a few weeks later.

Give yourself a second. You'll see it.

It's not MarkDownUp, it's MarkUpDown. /sigh

I have the psd, so I, in theory, could make my own lossless changes (I spent a little more than Fiverr's $5 to get that, but not much more), but when I tried, the export from the Gimp was super pixelated.

I really like the Gimp, I do. I used it to create the animated gifs on my MarkUpDown home page. But sometimes it takes a lot longer to figure out than it's worth to get something simple done.

(I'm suspicious I should pay $1500 for a good Gimp training course and watch that pay back insane dividends over the rest of my career, but I also don't want to get to be known as "the image hack guy" either.)

Anyhow, I put together a request for my Fiverr guy, and included an image I'd hacked in Ms. Paint (and then Skitch) to show what I needed changed. Took me a little longer than I would've thought, but showed what needed to get done.

Two circles

And then it hit me: That image on the right didn't look half bad. If I didn't hear back (and I didn't. He at least temporarily closed shop shortly after I left the request), I figured I had another option. If I took a little more care to line the arrows up where they were initially, I'd have something.

Not too shabby for a few hours' work (I actually did this and three other images, two of which were wider than tall and required some more serious editing), right?


Looking at it again, it looks like the down arrow needs to go a little further towards the edge to match the original, but I think I'm okay with it.

I'll blog about figuring out badges and icons and naming conventions for Visual Studio later, perhaps. Right now, I'm going to relax in my reasonable success with crazy mspaint.exe.

(You might wonder if the Fiverr design copied the "Markdown icon" too closely. I don't think that's a problem -- it was designed, and copylefted (actually put into the public domain), by Dustin Curtis.)

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