I like to listen to artists by album, and I like to pick which album to start from. No luck in iOS Music-land. From macrumors.com:

OMG Seriously! Far out, Apple have done bad! 

Thanks for that though :)

That was not particularly discoverable.

But it gets worse...

That certainly works, but the albums are still sorted in reverse chronological order (and have been since iOS 7).

So bad. Big league! This has driven me crazy for years. You'd think Apple could get the iPod part right by now.

I tried Cesium. Something eventually talked me out of it... I think, in addition to the fact that Siri only uses Music, that I recall a few nasty crashes.

Doesn't seem like a music app would be this difficult to get right. There were lots of decent ones on OS 9-, for instance.

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