Well, be danged if somebody didn't put the the first book from the 1910 translation of Frederich Nietzsche's La Gaya Scienza online today! Here it is. This is an ASCII text file of the Thomas Common translation of Nietzsche's La Gaya Scienza. Common translates the title as The Joyful Wisdom, but this is the same book William Kaufman later translates as The Gay Science. It is here that Nietzsche first claims the death of God, and this is, I assume, the version Joyce read, etc.

That's right, you can download an English translation of Nietzsche's La Gaya Scienza, otherwise known as The Joyful Wisdom or The Gay Science from here, right now. Yes, I'm Google mining (seeding?). Download The Joyful Wisdom by Nietzsche here, now. Right now only the first book is up, poorly (as in "not") edited. Download it now, from here or here. Nietzsche. Free as in beer. From here. Download. Nietzsche. Here. Yes, I realize that including more copies of the link doesn't help my Google rank, but it is funny, to me at least, for some reason.

Yes, I'm shamelessly using my blog on "computer science" to ensure Google finds this text. It is an etext, after all. Please note that it's only one step into the ASCII-ifying process, as I've just run scans once through an OCR program without any edits. I notice, for example, the number "11" coming out as "ii", etc. Lots of fun issues, but cruddy Nietzsche is better than no Nietzsche. Check back for updates over the common years.