I've seen [admittedly, I've seen a report claiming to be quoting] the Consumer Report blog on the iPhone saying that they aren't impressed with the sunset on Apple's free case offer for iPhone 4 purchases as part of Antennagate.

The reasoning behind Apple's free bumper deadline seems to be pretty clear. If 70% of iPhone 4 buyers pre-"scandal" grab cases, Apple's going to change the design of the iPhone and save a few bucks by adding some insulation, if they haven't already. If 5% do, they're going to go back to selling the iPhone exactly like it is. The free case shindig is more of a PR stunt and large scale survey than anything else.

Honestly, I've got no idea what the hubbub is about. Don't hold your iPod with your left hand in the "deathgrip" when you're on the phone. It's not like everyone who has an iPhone doesn't end up buying a case anyhow, and I bet many would rather use a case that's not the $29 bumper special.

Best design for a phone? No. But the iPhone isn't just a phone. Can't be a jack of all trades and not cut a few corners.

I just wonder how Apple let this turn into such a PR mess. If they knew about the antenna compromises earlier on, as rumors say (and their fancy smancy antenna page would imply) they did, they could have leaked the defect to prepare an already overly forgiving market of Apple-lytes or, better yet, had a reply ready rather than waiting weeks and allowing analysts to start randomly pricing out the costs of the R-word in the b-as-in-billions. That's the real failing here.

That said, I can't wait for the new iPod touch. Mine fell out of my pocket at the Little Caesars, we'll say, and even though my number and email are laser-etched on the back, it appears to have disappeared for good. I'm not really surprised, but it sure would be nice to get a call at some point. I'm hoping if I buy the new one with a camera, a rumor I'm assuming is true, it'll help make the old one reappear (though I realize more likely is that it hits the Goodwill with a cracked screen in two years before that call comes). A phone-less iPhone really is still pretty danged cool.

Which makes me wonder... does the death grip kill 3G in general? What, were all the iPhone testers left-handed?