Okay, <3 might be a little strong, but I've been using Word 2004 on my MacBook (and some 98 [sic] on an old iMac!) for a while, and it stinks. Though I still think Rosetta was made predominantly for running Office, 2004 and Rosetta on 10.6 (and Intel, natch) simply don't get along. It was slow, and often held up the entire box while preparing to open a doc. I was considering buying Pages once it was available on the App Store for $14.99, as OpenOffice's bloat is even worse than 2004 at times.

Well, I recently scored Word 2008 as part of a $25 iMac G3 clearout. Between Office 2008 and the Airport card, it's as if I got paid to take the old box. (Which reminds me, I have a really cheap, indigo iMac G3 with 10.4 and a fried ethernet connection for sale...)

But let's just say that if you've been waiting to upgrade from 2004, it's worth it. 2008 is getting more plentiful with the release of 2011, and if you're creative, well, somebody might pay you to take it. It's nice to have a native word processor again; I'm not sure how I put up with emulated PPC so long, honestly. And 2008 doesn't even pretend to have ribbons.

Maybe I <3 Word 2008 >> Word 2004?

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