Determining if an object property exists | NCZOnline:
//doesn't accurately test for existence
if ({
//yay! property exists!

At first glance, this seems okay. However, understanding how JavaScript works reveals some problems with this approach. First, this will only succeed if the value of is truthy, meaning it’s an object, a non-empty string, a non-zero number that’s not NaN, true, and not null or undefined. That means if is the empty string (“”), this check will fail. Failing, in this case, doesn’t mean that the property doesn’t exist. In fact, the property does exist and contains a value, but the value is falsy and so doesn’t pass this test. [emph mine -mfn]

In retrospect, he's only going Colbert on us twice, but it made me chuckle anyhow. I'd seen the truthy phrase before, but not used with quite so much unselfconscious aplomb.

And I wondered about that shortcut check for existence. It looks like what I want is, indeed, if ('propertyName' in object), though hasOwnProperty() comes up again as well if you want an object-specific check.

In other news, I'm over 2000 posts -- blogger says 2007. I've almost blogged my year. Sorta. Which answers the question: If over two thousand blog posts fall in the woods...

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