Devil’s advocates play up sympathy for Samsung after Apple trial — RoughlyDrafted Magazine:

Google hasn’t been tremendously successful with Nexus, but it has up until now been forced to compete against both Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s counterfeit iPhone. Google and its licensees, along with RIM and Microsoft/Nokia, now only have one iPhone to compete against, making their jobs all that much easier.

I still think Dilger's a blowhard, and am happy to see whichever rumor site was reflagging his crazy posts has stopped, but he's got a great point here.  All of Android gets to start competing differently instead of competing against every other phone company as they try to make a better iPhone.

Honestly, every freakin' smartphone is the same.  It's a monoculture extraordinaire.  Where's the bright green phone that's shaped to fit in my hand allowing me to text with Engelbart's chords?  It's about time someone kickstarted a little ingenuity.  At some point, they might get lucky, make a better mousetrap, and take the iPhone down. Hopefully the courts have moved these guys' cheese.

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