I noticed on the fourth generation iPod touch that the volume buttons are very difficult to operate with a single hand.  I had an earlier touch that wasn't as noticeably difficult to use.  I guess Apple favors thin over ease of use for 14% of the population.

Appropriately enough, I was told this is a first-world problem, and let it go [for a while].

Well, the first-world problems continue.  When I shoot pictures and video on the iPhone 5S (and everything before), it doesn't seem to have a good concept of when it's upside-down.  Better put, it doesn't know which side is being held down when I do a landscape.  I mean, there's no a priori right-side up when you lean something on its side.

When I hold the iPhone in landscape, I position it to unlock the screen with a left-handed flick, and the camera snap/record button is on the left.  If I email someone a picture, bam, it's upside-down.  Folks don't enjoy watching upside-down movies.

That's just sad.  I'm always surprised how often Apple fails at easy, obvious, commonly used things but still gets away with the reputation that they sweat the details.  I mean, they do a great job when they want to get a concept just right, but if they don't think something's worth checking out -- or just miss it entirely; you know, like left-handed use -- you're toast.

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