inessential: How It Went on Vesper Syncing Day One:

And yesterday we were reminded, again, that people like indie software. Even with all the changes over the years — App Stores, iPhones, iPads, etc. — people still like supporting the village toymaker.

That sounds like about the right mindset.

Okay, granted, all signs suggest things are going very, very well for the Vesper crew.  I'm suspicious that Daring Fireball's readership makes for a heck of a near-psychologically-captive market.  Would version 1.0 have had nearly so successful a run without all the "market build up"?  (That said, the only time I felt it's gone over the line was when it talked about app pricing (it might have been this one, but I believe there's a longer one somewhere) shortly before Vesper unexpectedly showed up.)  I don't necessarily begrudge these guys, but let's not pretend the toymaker didn't have a heck of an, at best, accidental marketing push.

And let's admit it, previous and continued success makes app making less risky and more fun.

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