Daring Fireball: ABC News Teases Report of Inside Access to ‘Historic’

Apple "Announcement"
That sure as [heck] can’t be a reference to bigger iPhones, and it doesn’t sound like a watch that counts your steps and shows you notifications as they come in.

Either Apple's marketing department has overreached, which I'm afraid of, or we finally see the Apple television whose rumors died out last year, give or take.

I am worried, with the IBM partnership, bigger screen iPhones, and recent, somewhat unfocused commercials that Cook's Apple is more about grabbing the hats of cash than it was before. I was disappointed to see Gruber write this yesterday:

The market shows that one size does not fit all. I don’t know that they should have done it sooner, but it certainly feels like the time for multiple iPhone sizes has come.

Really? It feels right? Ask yourself why that is. Ask yourself why you didn't think it was time before *cough*realitydistortionfield*cough*. The question isn't whether it's a good business move. It is. There's cash on Apple's table, and Cook's picking it up. The question is why. Is this one-handed mode good enough to overcome the inherently inelegant UI of a larger phone? If it is, great. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

But historic? There'd better be something better than a watch.

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