Got this message at my outlook account Friday, and just noticed it today:

It's time to upgrade to an even better Skype experience on your Windows 8 device. Your current version of Skype is being replaced by an app called Skype for Windows desktop. It has more features to help you stay in touch like screen sharing and group video calling. Also, your chat conversations (from the last 30 days) and all your contacts will appear as normal after upgrading.

Ouch. I thought Win10 was going to be more "Metro" friendly, somehow maintaining backwards compatibility with apps written fro Win8, but this is making me wonder if the migration path goes back through the desktop.

In other fun, whoever came up with the mbox format wasn't on top of their game. It's hard to imagine in the days where SGML and XML are passé that any non-clearly delimited storage format could gain so much practical acceptance. Wow.

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