Caught this from the Supertop (makers of Unread and Castro) blog:

Castro and Unread provide variable height rows for episodes and article summaries respectively. This approach feels true to what Apple intends for iOS. Twitter clients like Tweetbot and Twitterrific do a great job here but unfortunately it's rare to see podcast or reader apps take this approach.

This is exactly the benefit of having an older app. They're arguing stuff like...

Have you ever noticed how many apps show their content in fixed-height rows? In these apps, text and images are cut off at the exact same interval, regardless of their intrinsic sizes. [sic on the lack o' question mark]

For our apps, instead of imposing a single cell height, we want to defer to the content by letting it tell us what size it needs. In Castro, episode cells include up to 4 lines of text if we have them, otherwise the cell collapses down to show the number of lines we do have.

That's what having a good foundation for your app already in placebuys you. There's no way I do that on my first cut a podcast app. ;^)

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