From Daring Fireball:

This is madness. Beats will almost certainly sell a wide assortment of Lightning headphones if the iPhone goes Lightning-only, but Apple has to include a pair of Lightning or Bluetooth earbuds in the box. It would be madness not to.

Ha. That's a good one.

Grubes, the iPhone's not even secondarily an iPod any more, Apple Music be damned. And who uses Apple earbuds in their iPhone? I haven't seen them in the wild for years, since iPods were still a thing.

EDIT: There's enough smoke about Lightning earbuds that I'm probably wrong above, but just like the ADB port in the iMac (or Firewire, or, well, everything but USB-C), I wouldn't ever tell someone Apple's scared to remove any conventional piece of a popular platform.

That they'd stop including pack-in earbuds and instead just sell you hard on fancier-pants add-ons wouldn't surprise me at all, especially with today's Apple. Honestly, though I keep a pair in my laptop bag for when I've forgotten every other pair, other than me when I'm forgetful, I haven't seen Apple 'buds in ears for years. Maybe it's still popular in high school or something?

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