From MacRumors:

Lightning-equipped EarPods and wireless EarPods are two rumors that have been bandied about, but a new report from Japanese site Mac Otakara suggests Apple may ship the iPhone 7 with standard 3.5mm headphones and a 3.5mm jack to Lightning adapter to allow them to connect to the new devices.

If that's the case, I think we've really walked back the boldness of removing the 3.5mm jack.

If third parties "should" (in AppleThink) make Lightning headphones, so should Apple, right? And if Apple thinks an adapter is a quality solution, even the implicit preferred solution, well, they've got a design problem. Adapters are not cool.

So we're back to a design issue?

When's the last time you thought Apple had a design problem? Complain all you want about thinness, at least it's an ethos, dude.

That is, when's the last time you heard Apple say, "Don't do as I do. Do as I say do" when it came to hardware?

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