Note to self: Never create images for documentation until you're done with your release. No, no no. ALL the way done with your release. I thought I could "get started" on my docs a little early, so I did. Not the worst idea ever, but I recently added a new toolbar button or two. I got lucky, I think, and can use my old images, like this one:

help image

... since it's so tiny you can barely see what's in the toolbars. But if it'd shown one extra in the bottom or all of the top, I'd be remaking them now.

top command bar for MarkUpDown

See that header button way over on the right? That's new.

bottom command bar for MarkUpDown

And then for some strange reason I put the "Find" button on the bottom. Argh. That was close.

I won't say anything about that tab close "X" in the first image next to the "New 0" file tab. Except that if you'd been reading, you'd know I just added that. That may or may have been retroactively added to the original image. Ms. Paint, indeed.

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