Remember how I took the time to show how to map Gvim to F1 in Visual Studio? I think there's probably a much better way: VsVim.

I installed it, forgot, had Win10 "helpfully" reboot, and suddenly saw a phat cursor in Visual Studio. Took me a second, but then it hit me -- I'm VImming in VS.

Only gotcha -- I needed to create a new environment variable, VIM, to put the path to my normal _vimrc file so that VsVim could find it.

But after that, so far, beautiful. Embarrassed I didn't hear about this one sooner. Would've saved me some time. That's one of the big reasons I use Sublime Text. I mean, it's a great text editor in lots of other ways, particularly fast searches, multiple cursors, and nice plugins, but it's vintage mode that hooked me quickly.

In any event, a nice upgrade for VS so far. And 281 reviews averaging essentially five stars ain't bad. My only complaint so far? No gqgq. For that, I'm back to F1.

EDIT (20170901): Let's add a picture of what I mean. You literally make an environment variable pointing to the folder that holds your vimrc.

In other news, got word of my second MarkUpDown Microsoft Store payout today. That's always fun to get, even if it won't cover my already exceptionally trivial marketing budget. But it is growing. That's cool.

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